Our group


Ship supplier

We offer a wide variety of provisions on board ...

Transportation and storage of food products

We guarantee the delivery of goods 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Customs management

We have the necessary authorizations and tools to execute both actions, IMPORT and EXPORT ...

Supply of DUTTY FREE products

Our company specializes in the distribution of duty-free items ...

Supply of naval and industrial material

We provide our customers with the best spare parts and technical supplies ...


Fishing nets

We have all kinds of nets of the best quality

Foods / Provisions

We are specialists in food and beverages, we have warehouses and refrigerators ...

Oils and lubricants

We offer oils and lubricants of the best quality for marine craft engines ...

Fishing Equipment

Floats, rope, wire, hooks, longlines ... everything you need for your fishing.

Technical Equipment

We have all kinds of equipment for your work: filters, engine parts, batteries, binoculars ...

Entrepot / Duty free

Wide catalog of Duty Free products in all our warehouses.

Last news

If you want more information about our services or about any product, call us!

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